Continue keeping your brand top of mind with you clients or potential clients by continuing to advertise your brand or product to them after they leave your site. Your branded ads will be seen on major sites and you only pay if they click back to your site. The brand or product impression is free. No other form of advertising operates this way. Imagine if, for a print or billboard ad, you only paid when someone went to your website after seeing the ad.

Your Business

You will experience several benefits from a retargeting campaign. The first is that your company will appear to be much larger than it actually is. You will have less sales funnel drop off by maintaining a brand connection throughout the buying cycle of your clients. You will also see a measurable increase in branded search traffic in your Google Analytics.  What that means is a larger number of people will go to Google every month and type in your brand name vs non branded keywords. If you are trying to increase your brand value or simply trying to make sure you are not forgotten, this is the best way to do it.


How you market your business and where and how you spend your money is critical. Companies are constantly trying to figure out which ad/marketing dollars are working and which ones are not. Most of the time all a company needs is a consultative review of a company's efforts. Listening to your client's end goals and then finding ways to track all the marketing dollars they spend is critical. Let us take a look at your company's full marketing efforts and help you get more dollars out of all those marketing efforts

Your Business

You will experience a much more defined, data driven, no nonsense marketing approach when working with Top Online Awareness. Most of our recommendations will be made based on your company’s analytic data. That tells us what should drive better results for your company.