Top Online Awareness Services

After several years of looking at the back end data of large and small internet marketing campaigns businesses have run, our company has narrowed the focus to four areas we know can be of greatest value to businesses. Retargeting/Remarketing, Pay Per Click Management, Creative PR/Media Buying and Graphics Logo Design/Animated Video. Though there are several other services available at Top Online Awareness to meet your needs, our four top  services revolve around helping brands stay at top of mind with the consumer. See below to learn more about the details of each service.


Keep your companies brand in front of the consumer after they leave your site, always stay top of mind!

Make your company look larger than it is

Have your brand appear on every device including  mobile, iPad  and PC, on sites like CNN, Youtube, The Wall Street Journal.

PPC Management

Pay Per Click for Google, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon and Google Product ads, etc.

Have a certified professional manage your ads

Guaranteed top placement for your keyword targets for a more permanent and stable website traffic solution you can build on.

Creative PR/Media Buying

From national TV syndication to local print, paper and TV, our services run the gambit.

Get that great publicity your business needs

For the more ambitious, we offer internet viral marketing strategies. From connecting to execution, we set the goals and achieve them.

Graphics,Logos, Animated Video

A picture says a thousand words and we don't disagree. Web banners, logos and animated videos are all available here.

Creative designing for your brand needs

Have your sales copy and graphic design done by industry professionals; anything can be imagined!

Top Online Awarenss Other Services

To the right is a list of other services offered by Top Online Awareness. We believe that your business is unique and some of our other services may meet your company’s needs.

Why Choose Us

      • We Guarantee we will increase your brand awareness or you can fire us!
      • We give you the ability to do what you do best… Run your business and let us do the online marketing.
      • A team of people with expertise in many different industries will always add  more value to your bottom line than one person can alone.
      • We operate with total transparency of what you are spending in advertising vs retainers.
      • The marketing techniques you will learn in one 6 month contract will help your business for years.

What Client’s Say

 I had no idea my company could look so large online. Every week someone tells me they saw my company ad on Youtube, or the Wall Street Journal. My competitors ask how I am following them around the internet. Hiring Top Online Awareness has been the best marketing moves we have ever made. Highly recommended!
Richard Varner, The Varner Group
We had no idea how much our brand could be amplified to both our prospects and our current clients until 60 days after hiring these guys. Do your company a favor and contact them.
Michael Kopelman, Rob Silva Team
The amount of new traffic we recieve through keyword search still amazes us today. What better way to reach clients than to reach ones that are already searching online for your business.
Mike Johnson, Insurance Roids