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Welcome To Top Online Awareness

Top Online Awareness has been using  the internet since  the days of prodigy and web crawler. We even helped Al Gore invent it! Well, okay,  not really on that last one ! But since the 90s, our team members have worked on marketing campaigns for websites. That’s a lot of years experience and looking at website data. If you want your company name and brand to be remembered by everyone who interacts with it, then you have  come to the right place. Top Online Awareness is a digital marketing agency which specializes in keeping your brand at the top of everyone’s mind and on the tip of their tongues.  Top of mind awareness, or TOMA, is a marketing term used to identify companies which have the highest name brand recognition in a niche or are the first to come to mind. Examples:  I say, “soda”. You say, “Coke”. I say, “shoes”. You say “Nike”. There are several ways our company helps you build your brand in your local or national marketplace.  All of our services focus around getting your brand at the top of mind with the consumer. The consumer does not only need to know your brand, they need to remember it. Our team has worked on everything from Fortune 500 campaigns to local “Mom and Pop” shops and everything in between. We have packages to meet your needs; call us today for more information.

Who is Top Online Awareness

 Become a trusted advisor  and partner to all companies we work with, while increasing their brand awareness every day we work together.
 Just like the age old business acronym KISS or “keep it simple, stupid” we like to say, “It’s about your brand, stupid“.  Too many companies today spend thousands of dollars chasing around keyword rankings on the internet, even when they achieve those goals the results are never permanent.  What is permanent is having your brand remembered and recalled by the consumer. It’s time for businesses to look further down the chessboard and go back to marketing 101: Focus on creating and sustaining a strong brand.
We will maintain transparency throughout the process to keep our clients in the know and aware of when and how their marketing dollars are being spent.
 We have dedicated reps at all three major search engines due to the amount of AdWords spending we do collectively. We can tell you from experience, companies that try to do this stuff on their own make a lot of mistakes. Let us handle the heavy internet lifting, so you can handle your heavy business lifting. 

Our Skills Meter

Pay Per Click Management  90
Retargeting/Marketing Campaign 98
Graphic,Logo Design 92
Public Relations 95

Meet Our Team

Chris Yarn
Chris YarnDeveloper
 Chris sat in his living room in 1989 when his dad, who has worked for IBM for 27 years, built the first family computer. He used Prodigy and Web Crawler from the days they were first created at IBM’s Downtown Tampa office on the “take your son to work” day. Professionally, Chris has worked with internet marketing firms since 2002 when he became Vice President of the UCF PC Gaming Club, after tearing his ACL in a tragic dodgeball accident. After graduating UCF in 2005, Chris went into the world of business insurance where he helped many of his clients with their websites and online marketing. Finally, in 2015 Chris decided to open up his own agency.  
Michelle Yarn
Michelle YarnPR
Michelle has worked in the television industry for more than a decade. Her experience with producing, field reporting and anchoring makes her a valuable asset to the Top Online Awareness team. If you are looking to reach your consumers through media, Michelle can assist in everything from writing press releases to on-air coaching. 
Tommy DiGioia
Tommy DiGioiaCreative Director
Tommy has been in advertising for 17+ years. Over that time he has had the opportunity to work with clients across a whole range of industries, from municipalities to major resorts and beyond. Now located in Florida, he was formerly located in beautiful Las Vegas, where he had the privilege of working as an art director and creative director at some of the city’s premiere advertising agencies – in addition to running his own highly successful creative boutique. He says, “If you approach creativity with exuberance, it definitely shows up in the design and in your ideas. And when you think about it, getting paid for making stuff up is pretty much the best job you could have, so why not be excited about it?”