After several years of looking at the back-end data of large and small internet marketing campaigns businesses have run, our company has narrowed the focus to four areas we know can be of greatest value to you. Retargeting/Remarketing, Pay-Per-Click management, Creative PR and Graphics/Logo Design. For years, other internet marketing firms have put all the focus on what is known as organic search engine optimization or SEO. The top firms are slowly shifting away from those services, here is why. Organic SEO is the practice of trying to rank keywords organically in the search engines to help a company drive traffic to their website. For example: a local plumbing company in Boston pays a firm to try and put them at the top of the list of results when someone searches the keywords “Boston area plumber” on their own. The problem with this practice is the search engines are all publicly traded companies. They get their revenue from ad dollars… not organic searches. Even when a company is able to achieve top organic results for a few keywords, they are always temporary as the search engines frequently change their search algorithms or shuffle the organic results. When they shuffle organic results, the sites that hold those top spaces immediately lose traffic. So, they end up needing to replace that traffic to maintain revenue. Most companies immediately get on an “ad spending campaign” with the search engine who shuffled their results! Have you had the “ah ha” moment yet? At the end of the day, it does not make long term business sense to pay for a temporary and fleeting result. If, because of comprehensive internet marketing, everyone in Boston knows who John Doe’s Plumbing is, they will win out over the long haul. Joe Doe’s Plumbing should be focused on several different ways to generate business, diversifying and building its brand. See below for more details on our four top services.